Do you have a question about SENTRY® Fiproguard®? Use these frequently asked questions as a guide. Or contact us for more information.

I am pregnant. Can I use this flea and tick product without harming my baby?

We do not have any warnings against the use of our flea and tick products if a woman is pregnant, and there is no evidence to suggest that the product use could harm the baby. As with anyone applying a flea and tick product to a pet, we would recommend using rubber gloves and/or washing your hands thoroughly with soap and water once you are done applying or handling the product.

Will your product kill sand fleas?

Yes. Fleas that are found in sandy areas are actually just fleas that happen to be developing in sandy areas. Sand and gravel are very suitable for larval development, which is the reason fleas are mistakenly called, “Sand Fleas”.

My pet is 12 years old. Your warning says not to use it on aged animals. Can I use it?

As warned on the product packaging, please consult with your veterinarian to determine if your pet is able to have a pesticidal product applied to them. Even though your pet may be in good health, an older pet’s body and skin changes with age.

Can I use a dog flea and tick product on my cat if I dilute the solution or only apply a partial application of the product?

NO. ONLY use flea and tick products on cats that are specifically made for cats. Every flea and tick package will indicate which type of animal that product can be used on as well as weight break.

How long after application can my pet be bathed or go swimming? What does waterproof mean?

Waterproof means that the product will not wash off if your dog gets wet and remains effective for 30 days. After applying the product you will want to wait until the application area is dry before allowing your pet to get wet, usually around 24 hours. Your pet may be bathed or go swimming after the product has dried.

Can I use a cat flea and tick product on my dog?

No. Using a cat product on your dog might not be as effective as using a dog product. Cat products contain lower percentages of the active ingredients. We recommend using a product that is designed specifically for dogs.

What does this product kill?

SENTRY Fiproguard Plus for Dogs provides six-way protection and will kill adult fleas, flea eggs, flea larvae, ticks, chewing lice and prevents the development of flea pupae. It controls mites that may cause sarcoptic mange and kills deer ticks, that can transmit Lyme disease. It also kills brown dog ticks, American dog ticks, and lone star ticks and prevents flea reinfestations for four weeks.

What is the difference between SENTRY Fiproguard and SENTRY Fiproguard Plus?

SENTRY Fiproguard is a three-way protection killing adult fleas, ticks and chewing lice. SENTRY Fiproguard Plus contains an IGR (insect growth regulator) and provides six-way protection and kills fleas, ticks, chewing lice, flea eggs, flea larvae and prevents the development of flea pupae.

How do I apply this product to my dog?

Apply one tube as a spot on the dog’s back between the shoulder blades. Part the dog’s hair and make sure to get the product all the way down to the skin.

How do I apply this product to my cat?

While holding the cat with one hand, use the other hand to apply the solution. Invert the tube and use the narrow end to part the cat’s hair. Apply contents of one tube as a spot between the shoulder blades. Hold the cat for a few seconds to give the solution time to be absorbed into the cat’s coat.