Do you have a question about SENTRY® Fiproguard®? Use these frequently asked questions as a guide. Or contact us for more information.

My dog seemed to be having a reaction to the product so I bathed her. However, the symptoms are still present. Is there something else I can do for her?

Yes, bathe your pet with mild dish soap such as Dawn® and rinse with large amounts of water. Symptoms will generally decrease shortly after bathing, but in some instances it can take up to 24-48 hours for the sensitivity to completely disappear.

How do I apply SENTRY Fiproguard to my dog?

For dogs 4-88 lbs., apply one tube as a spot on the dog’s back between the shoulder blades. For dogs 89-132 lbs., apply one tube from the back of the neck to a point midway between the neck and tail.

I used SentryPro XFT in the past and my pet had a reaction. Is SENTRY Fiproguard OK to use?

The active ingredient in SENTRY Fiproguard for Dogs is Fipronil, which is different active ingredients than SentryPro. Although rare, sensitivities may occur after using ANY pesticide product on dogs. If signs of sensitivity occur bathe your dog with a mild soap and rinse with large amounts of water.

How often can I apply SENTRY Fiproguard?

You should not reapply the product any more often than once every four weeks.

After I applied SENTRY Fiproguard, my pet began running around and rubbing her back on furniture and carpets. Is this a normal reaction?

Some pets may experience temporary startle effects when any product is applied. If your pet is acting agitated after application, it is a possibility that the dog is sensitive to something in the product. If the symptoms do not stop or if the intensity increases, you can bathe the dog with a degreasing dish soap and cool water. This will wash the product off of the dog’s skin. Symptoms will generally decrease shortly after the bath, but in some instances it can take up to 24 hours for the reaction to completely disappear.

I accidentally used SENTRY Fiproguard on my young puppy before realizing that I was not supposed to. What will happen and what should I do?

More than likely, you puppy will not experience any adverse affects. However, as a precaution we would recommend bathing your pet with a degreasing dish soap to help remove the product from the skin. (Baby shampoo will not be strong enough.) You should then monitor your pet for the next 24 hours to watch for signs of a reaction. If you observe any muscle tremors or shaking contact your vet immediately.