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My Pet’s Been Treated for Fleas But I’m Still Seeing Them. What Now?

You know fleas and ticks are gross, and if you read this blog regularly, you also know that these pests carry life-threatening diseases with hard-to-pronounce names like ehrlichiosis and anaplasmosis. You probably also know that fipronil, the active ingredient in Sentry Fiproguard, is the best way to keep fleas off of your dog or cat for 30 days with one easy topical application. But do you...  

The Dog Days of Summer: Back to School Separation Part II

Megan here now! And again, Super Smiley, you did a Pawsome job in last week’s blog about what dogs need to feel OK when they are left alone. Good Boy! Smiley’s right that exercise and rotating toys may do the trick, but do you see your dog as “thinking too much” so he may need something more? Dogs are natural foragers and explorers, so give him...  

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