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Dr. Tony discusses some pet safety precautions during Poison Prevention Awareness Month.

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Take Steps to Prevent a Pet Poisoning Today

As an ER veterinarian, interesting cases are never in short supply. Some are tragic, some are heroic, but there’s never a dull day. Poisoning is a common reason for pets to make a trip to their local veterinary ER. In this blog post, I’ll discuss and give you tips on: Some of the more common poisonings that pets encounter How to pet safe your home...  

Hooray! Today’s “If Pets Had Thumbs Day”

Many of you may know March 3 as simply the day after March 2, or the day five days before March 8 (Do Your Hair Like Martin Sheen Day). I am here to break you of your sad little misperceptions and open your eyes to the true wonder, the true magnificence of the day two days after March 1 (Wrap Your Head in Canadian Bacon Day)...  

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