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Now that spring is here, it is becoming warm enough to walk your dog at night. Here's how to be safe while you're out.




Stress Awareness Month: How to Detect Signs of Stress in Dogs and Cats

Often, it’s everyday noises and events that we, as people, take for granted that in fact can cause pets to experience both stress and anxiety. Take loud music for example. If you live in a household with teenagers, loud, heavy-metal and decibel-crashing music is probably a daily occurrence. Pets, especially cats, hate the noise and may hide for long periods in an attempt to escape...  

Ideas for Night Walking with Your Dog

For many people, the first opportunity to take their dog for a long walk is after their workday is over, and often, it’s later in the evening, after dinner. Depending on the time of year, it can be dark by the time you venture out the front door. The most important consideration for after-dark excursions is to ensure that that both you and are dog...  

Why Do My Puppy and Kitten Need So Many Vaccinations?

Why does my puppy or kitten need so many vaccinations? The answer to this question is often misunderstood, because at first the answer may seem counterintuitive, but it’s actually quite simple. A puppy or kitten is born with immunity that developed from its mother in utero and right after birth from its mother’s milk. This is called maternal or “passive” immunity and usually lasts up...  

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