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Lyme Disease in the News: More Threats to You and Your Pet

Lyme disease continues to be in the news, and not just because spring is considered prime-time season. Here at Pet Health Central, we’ve recently discussed “Preventing Lyme Disease in Dogs Month” and some new studies regarding climate change and ticks. What’s crucial to know is that researchers continue to study ticks and the diseases they carry and new insights lead to more reasons than ever to...  

Can Your Pet Get Carded? Pet ID Week

Every time I walk out the door without my wallet, I feel a little internal tension — a little voice saying, “What if you get pulled over? What if you get in an accident?” and I almost always have to turn around and go get it. If only our pets felt the same way. But the problem of stray dogs and feral cats proves that...  

National Pet First Aid Awareness Month

Part of taking good care of your pets is being able to deal with both serious emergencies and non-life threatening issues such as cuts and scrapes along with bee strings. In fact, now that spring is here, keep a special look out for bees as more of them begin hovering in the garden. Since April is National Pet First Aid Awareness month, it’s a really good...  

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