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Happy HOWL-oween from Pet Health Central! Is your pet dressing up today? Share your photo with us!

Pet Health Central

Some pets will be filled with fright tomorrow as children stop by your house. There's a way to keep them calm!




How to Keep Pets Calm with Trick-or-Treaters

Halloween, whether it’s trick-or-treating in the neighborhood or attending a special pet parade, can be a very noisy and boisterous occasion. And not all pets like such festivities. In fact, many get very stressed to the point of hiding or even attempting to run away. So it’s really important to access your pet’s personality before planning on taking them with you around the neighborhood or...  

Halloween Tips and Treats!

Halloween is charged with excitement and energy — all great fun with costumes, crowds, candy and decorations. How do we experience this as a great treat night and not one where hidden dangers trick our pets? The No. 1 tip is to keep ‘em safe! If your dog is afraid of crowds or is people- or pet-aggressive, keep them safely secured in a room inside...  

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