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Happy #PetFriday! Bruno the Bernese Mountain Dog puppy had a great time at the office today. Have a wonderful weekend!

Pet Health Central

Sandy shares some yummy dog-safe treat recipes you can make in time for Halloween!




Treats for Doggie Trick-or-Treaters

Howl’oween is the biggest event on the doggie calendar! And what is an event of this kind without treats? Of course it’s a great occasion for kids, too, and usually there is competition between children to see who can collect the most candy. It’s important to ensure the candy loot is kept under lock and key if there are pets in the household because dogs...  

Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Water?

As pet parents, you of course want to make sure your four-legged companions stay healthy. Part of total health care involves regular visits to your veterinarian. You set up your appointment, arrive on time and then are escorted into the examination room with Fido or Scruffy. During this examination process you are asked several questions about your pet’s habits including, is he/she drinking normally or has...  

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