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One of our most recent Pet of the Week winners, Caesar, is showing his enthusiasm for March! Thank you to Caesar’s mom for sending in this great photo. #PHCPOTW

Pet Health Central

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Hooray! Today’s “If Pets Had Thumbs Day”

Many of you may know March 3 as simply the day after March 2, or the day five days before March 8 (Do Your Hair Like Martin Sheen Day). I am here to break you of your sad little misperceptions and open your eyes to the true wonder, the true magnificence of the day two days after March 1 (Wrap Your Head in Canadian Bacon Day)...  

Spring Cleaning Your Pet’s Paraphernalia

March is officially springtime and that means spring cleaning and freshening things up for the longer and brighter days ahead. This is the perfect opportunity to refresh all your pets’ paraphernalia, too. You can start by washing all pet bedding and throws. If beds have lost their support or are looking a bit shredded, now is a perfect time to shop for something new and...  

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