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Super Smiley’s Top 10 Ways to Celebrate the Holidays with Your Pets

Super Smiley here. Holidays are for family and we all know pets are family, so here are my ideas to bring us right into the mix. Take a trip to see Santa. Yep, I go every year with Angel. Megan has found outdoor Santa Clauses where dogs can visit along with the kids! Go early so you can display the pictures as part of your...  

Man’s Best Friend is Now Woman’s Best Friend

Move over men! Women are quickly changing the “man’s best friend” adage about dogs and pets in general. According to a recent SheByShe survey, 85 percent of women said that their pet is their best friend. But pet adoration doesn’t end with best friend. Did you know that a whopping 99 percent of participants said that their pet is a member of the family? As a proud mom of...  

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